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Artist Designed Scarves

Our soft, ultra-chic scarves showcase beautiful artworks from across the globe. From the colours of sailing boats at dusk in Spain, to stunning Tuscan landscapes, dynamic portraits and dancing flowers in the fields of France. The images are timeless and the colours both elegant and vibrant.

Wearable art that can be worn as a statement piece or a simple accessory to your favourite jeans, these versatile scarves will transform any wardrobe into a walking art gallery.

Our highest quality, warm yet light and breathable fabrics will soon make this your go-to accessory or a special gift for someone you love. 

Be whisked away to distant cities, immersed in exotic cultures and enamoured by the beautiful storytelling of The Artists Label Scarves.

The range

Beautiful Scarves Designed by Artists

Every scarf is a unique artwork by one of our talented international artists. We have 4 completely new collections of scarves a year and very limited runs of each design

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The Perfect Gift

Offering a complete design experience, our pieces come wrapped in classic and exclusive Artists Label packaging that elevate them to beautiful gifts that will be truly appreciated.

Want to take it to the next level? Our premium packaging and designer gift cards will add extra impact for that special someone.

Featured Artist

Melanie Vugich

Sydney, Australia
Featured Store

Meg & Me

Port Macquarie

A label for artists

From Serbia to Brazil, Russia to Australia, our talented artists come from all over the world. 

They are adventurers in life and devoted to their craft. Using a range of abstract and traditional techniques, their work will immerse you in the joy of creative expression.

Complemented by an exclusive artist biography and the artist's personal story, your experience will be elevated through insights into the inspiration behind their work. 

Your imagination will be unleashed and you will delight in sharing these beautiful works, and stories, with your friends.

Four unique, beautiful and diverse collections are presented each year showcasing both handmade and digital pieces. Artworks are created in response to our design challenges that set the seasonal mood and colours of each collection.

Want to become one of our artists and see your work come to life? Our artist page includes information about upcoming design challenges and how to submit your artwork for consideration into our next unique collection.

Design Challenges

Join our stable of International artists. Get inspired by the design challenges to create a scarf with you own original artwork.

Images from @theartistslabel