Become One of Our Artists

We are making a call to artists, textile designers, and painters to take part in our latest design challenges. 

If your art is curated into our next collection you will be paid USD $100 immediately upon upload of your high-resolution art. You will also receive your scarf once produced.

Get inspiration from our mood boards and feel free to push the boundaries of creativity.

Good luck and enjoy creating your next artwork.
Submissions close January 22nd. 2021.
Please email your low res designs to
All artwork must be 200cm wide x 130cm high at 300dpi in Jpeg format for final use on the scarf.
Please send your low-resolution art at 20cm wide x 13cm high at 72dpi in Jpeg format so we can curate the artworks into a collection.
We also require an original bio about you, your photo, a short story of what inspired you when creating the art, and your signature to put on our web site and hang tag.