LOOKBOOK - How To Style a Kimono

Dating back to the eighth century, a kimono is a traditional Japanese garment. The name itself translates to, “something to wear.” In modern days, the kimono has kept its traditional roots however has shifted to become a staple closet piece around the world. The popularity of the kimono can largely be attributed to its versatility. 

Today, a kimono is used as a lightweight layering piece, often worn during the Spring and Summer months. What’s great about it is that it goes with so many outfits; dress it up over a skirt and heels, or keep it casual with some jeans and sneakers. It’s also a great alternative for those slightly brisk nights where you need something to cover your skin but a cardigan or jacket would be too stifling. 

Aside from its versatility, the kimono is a popular option for reasons such as simple one-size-fits-most sizing, and the fact that it is lightweight and small to pack in a suitcase. But possibly our favourite thing about the kimono, is that it is and has always been a form of art in motion. The perfect vessel to display beautiful designs, the kimono flows in the wind displaying delicate and intricate patterns on a soft silk canvas. 


Now that we’ve told you why we love kimonos so much, it’s time to get to the important details, how to style your The Artists Label Kimono. Keep reading to discover 3 ways to wear your newest piece of art. 

Keep it Casual With Jeans

One of the most common ways to style a kimono is with a plain basic tank top or tee and a pair of denim jeans. Kimono and Jeans have one thing in common, they are both extremely versatile. So, when you’re styling the two together the options become endless. Whether you’re going for a tight skinny jean, baggy mum jeans, or a pair of flares, this combination is the best place to start when first learning to style your kimono.

Paired with a plain white tee, the Kimono becomes the centrepiece of the outfit, punctuating and providing contrast. Alternatively, pair the jeans with a plain coloured tee that ties into the design of your kimono for a cohesive, styled look. 

Try Island Chic with Swimwear

If you’ve got a tropical holiday coming up soon, make sure your kimono is at the top of your packing list. Whether you're beachside with the kids on a Sunday morning or at a day club in Las Vegas on a Saturday afternoon, a kimono is the perfect swimwear coverup.

Quick and easy to slip on and off, a kimono provides you with the perfect amount of coverage to be comfortable without being so thick and heavy that you start to overheat. A mid or full-length kimono is best suited for this style, and you can leave it open or wrap it around with a belt or ribbon for that extra bit of coverage. Style it with your favourite bikini or one piece for the perfect swimwear look. 

Dress it Up with a Skirt or Mini Dress

If you’re feeling a little fancy, a kimono is the perfect accessory to your favourite skirt or mini dress. We say mini dress because when styling a kimono with a skirted piece, you want the kimono to be longer than the skirt. The exception to this rule is a cropped kimono that ends at the waist or hips. 

Whether you leave the kimono open, or cinch it at the waist to really accentuate the fit of the dress, it is the perfect accessory to add a bit of flare and glamour to your outfit. Another reason to style a kimono with a dress is to take the outfit from something that some may consider to be on the provocative side, and transform it into a much more demure look. Styling a kimono with a skirt or dress can be tricky, but when done right it’s a look that you’ll come back to time and time again.