The Artists Label was built from a lifelong passion of art, an appreciation of that special ability to create something beautiful. Our products empower artists to envision their art off of the canvas, and transform it into a walking masterpiece. Our community of artists continues to grow, with four new releases each year and a very limited run of each design. But one of the main questions we receive is how we source and choose artists to work with?


Our range is designed to invoke artistic imagination and inspiration, so we look for artists who do just that. But there is no set way we come across the artists who will be designing our next release. Rather than limit our brand to a selection process, we would rather work with artists who take an interest in our brand organically or are sometimes even recommended to us.


The number one thing we look for in an artist is a desire to take their art to the next level, and envision their work off of the canvas.


Our next designers will often come to us after having seen our scarves in-store, coming across our website or social media, or via recommendations. There are also the odd artists that we will reach out to after seeing their work online or in a gallery if we truly feel that their designs were meant for The Artists Label.


However, no matter how much we love a designer or their artwork, every piece of artwork we stock is an exclusive run. We believe that is part of what makes our brand special, no piece of artwork we sell will ever be repeated. Each scarf and kimono is an exclusive piece of artistic imagination that can be worn forever by only a select few people.


Each year we run only 4 new designs from 4 new artists, with each design limited in stock. Once it is sold out, it is gone. We will never repeat a design or restock a piece as we don’t believe that’s fair to our customers. Art is something to be shared but also to be cherished. Our pieces are a chance for artists to turn their work into a walking art piece, and give our customers the opportunity to wear an exclusive piece of art.


That’s why we encourage our customers to sign up to our email list, check back regularly, and if you see a piece you love – buy it, who knows how long it will be available for. The Artist Label is stocked in over 220 stores across the world including premium independent retailers in Australia, New Zealand, England, Ireland and Canada. Inspired by a lifestyle infused with travel, creativity, and exploration, our community of artist retailers and scarf lovers is constantly growing and helping to shape our narrative.