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Orange garden- 100% Natural Fibre Scarf | Autumn

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This colorful scarf was designed by Kociara and the perfect gift or addition for you or your loved ones.

Kociara is a pseudonym of a London based textile and graphic designer, Marta Rusin. Kociara’s design style is pretty eclectic – the designs range from complex, conversational prints to simpler, geometrical and abstract de-signs. The patterns have of-ten been described as ‘elegant’ and many can be seen as influenced by art deco style.

Size: 200 cm x 130 cm

Fabric: Viscose and Modal blended to create the softest scarf you will ever wear. The material is a 100% natural fibre sourced from different woods so it is breathable, warm and yet will not overheat.

More details: Lightweight design, easy to carry around, rectangle shape, hand designed by a real artist. All scarves come in a gift box.

How to wash me: Wash by hand in mild detergent and dry flat, out of direct sunlight. Do not tumble dry.

About the artwork

"While designing for the challenge I imagined myself being a Victorian world traveller who seeks to explore and record the wonderful and previously unseen flora and fauna encountered. The cheerful and animated scene playfully juxtaposes colourful plants and birds intermingling with nature in their daily pursuits. The botanist captures the lively surroundings, the birds’ wings caught in the movement, the glimmers of light reflecting in the plants."

Orange garden- 100% Natural Fibre Scarf | Autumn
Orange garden- 100% Natural Fibre Scarf | Autumn
Orange garden- 100% Natural Fibre Scarf | Autumn

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