Kociara is a pseudonym of a London based textile and graphic designer, Marta Rusin.  Apart from several designs produced by Front Row Society, Kociara’s designs can be purchased on Spoonflower as either fabric or wallpaper or on Society 6 on a wide range of products. Kociara also released printed mesh tops under her own label and plans to expand the clothing range to include dresses.  Kociara’s design style is petty eclectic – the designs range from complex, conversational prints to simpler, geometrical and abstract designs.  The patterns have often been described as ‘elegant’ and many can be seen as influenced by art deco style. 


While designing for the challenge I imagined myself being a Victorian world traveler who seeks to explore and record the wonderful and previously unseen flora and fauna encountered. The traveler stumbles on the majestic creatures of the peacock birds and is in awe of their glory. The peacock’s feathers are glistening in the morning sunshine with all the imaginary hues of sea green, teal and blue- the birds exuding elegance and style- their bodies are enormous and yet delicate with intricate and complex detail to the feathers adorning them. The scenery is serene but at the same time sublime with beautiful rose flowers emphasizing the beauty encountered. I hope the viewer finds the imagery appealing, promoting  aesthetic appreciation of the beautiful nature.

Scarf: Lily En Mouvement

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