Sebastien Alibert

I was born in Le Puy-en-Velay in France, but spent part of my studies in a art school in Thessaloniki in Greece. In my home country, we have a saying “touche à tout”, which literally means, “to touch everything”, to be a person of many interests, skills, and experiences. This describes me perfectly; as a graphic designer, painter, and most recently a sculptor, i really enjoy being able to continuously switch gears and see how all the different mediums can fit together.


"Effi Briest is a realist novel by Theodor Fontane. Published in book form in 1895, Effi Briest marks both a watershed and a climax in the poetic realism of literature. It can be thematically compared to other novels on 19th century marriage from a female perspective. This painting deconstructs the character into colourful forms."

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