Designed by Bregje Konijn

Bubbly Coral - 100% Natural Fibre Scarf

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This colorful scarf was designed by Netherlands artist Bregje Konijn and the perfect gift or addition for you or your loved ones.

About the scarf

Size: 200 cm x 130 cm. It is large enough to be worn as a sarong or tied in ways that will make it a Kaftan, Kimono or Dress.

Fabric: Viscose and Modal blended to create the softest scarf you will ever wear. The material is a 100% natural fibre sourced from different woods so it is breathable, warm and yet will not overheat.

More details: Lightweight design, easy to carry around, rectangle shape, hand designed by a real artist. All scarves come in a gift box

How to wash me: Wash by hand in mild detergent and dry flat, out of direct sunlight. Do not tumble dry.

About the artwork

"Bubble coral is a rather strange looking species, named after the grape-sized bubbles which increase their surface area according to the amount of light available. Colonies of bubble coral are composed of numerous small soft bodied anemone-like animals. Bregje Konijn was inspired by the gorgeous linear structure they have. Sometimes the coral gets attacked by flatworms and as a result the group of bubbles is covered in beautiful big spots."

Bubbly Coral - 100% Natural Fibre Scarf
Bubbly Coral - 100% Natural Fibre Scarf

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